A Message from Mother Earth

Last night I awoke to an image of a glacier.  A message had come though and I laid in bed as the awareness came through.  

This message is about human energy and how it is affecting the earth.  Last week I attended an online meditation for the earth.  It was attended by several thousand people meditating all at once creating a unified field across the planet.  The goal was to try to raise the frequency of the planet.  At a University, the frequency of the planet was measured and at the exact time that we had our meditation, there was an increase in the earth's frequency.  The desire was to have enough people on the call , several million, so that the shift in frequency was enough to have a lasting effect.  You see, we humans are far more powerful than we can even imagine.  Our state of being has an enormous effect on the earth.  When we are in fear, anger, and even worse, hate, we put that low frequency or vibration out into the unified field and it not only effects you, but those around you.  As the numbers of people all over the earth start vibrating as these lower levels the earth itself is effected.  Part of what we are experiencing with global warming is caused by this negative energy that humans are putting out into the world. These lower frequencies effect not only the health of the planet but the health of humanity.  

Last night in my dream, I heard a soft and loving voice say release your anger, forgive, now is the time.  This is when I was shown the glacier.  Water, oxygen, breath, equals life.  With out any of these we are on a course toward  human extinction.  We knew it was coming, it had been prophesied by many of the indigenous tribes.  Many of these state that when the time comes, these is a possibility of changing the outcome and instead of so much death and destruction, we can build a golden era of peace and harmony on earth.  Well, I believe we are at that precipice and we are being asked to choose.  Continue on the same path that we have been on with over consumption, destruction of the air we breath, the water we drink, and the poisoning of the food we grow with toxic chemicals we will have no other outcome but extinction.   Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.

We have fallen asleep and let the lower frequency lead us to destruction.  It is time to awaken and work hard at raising our vibration.  Controlling our own thoughts and being the humanity that I know we can be.  You can not be in LOVE and Fear at the same time.  You can not be in LOVE and hate at the same time.  They are two opposing vibrations.  It is interesting to note that you can never make a good decision when you are in fear.  You are likely to look outside of yourself for your answers.  When the frequency is as low as it is now, there is no clarity.  That is why thousands of people all over the planet are attempting to raise above their fears, anger, resentment, etc. to gain clarity.  It will take this clarity to make a shift from self destruction.  Where do we start this shift?

I was told with releasing our anger.  Yes things are not being done correctly on the planet and we are angry with our leaders but we can only make things worse when we succumb to anger.  Releasing it doesn't mean that we are ignoring what is going on.  It means that you do not allow a low vibration to dictate how we go about changing things.  So we must let go of anger, return to optimism, return to our hearts where wisdom resides, and from this place, create change.  There are many programs that teach forgiveness and how to release energy blockages from our bodies.  Take some classes.  List the many things you are angry about on a piece of paper, and with your intent to let go of your anger around these things, tear it up, burn it and let it go.  Then forgive those who angered you.  In doing so you release their energy.  You don't have to forget or agree to what has been done.  When your anger is released, you are set free to move on.  Your vibration can rise up to a higher level and you can live again.  Don't let others pull you down.  If you feel you are getting depressed by listening to a negative news conference,  Turn it off and listen to some beautiful music or meditate.  Be mindful of where your mind is being taken.  Do not follow those who lead in fear and anger.  Rise up.  The earth is asking us to rise.  May God bless us on this journey and may we take charge of our lives and our hearts.