Do we really have time to wait to restore our environment?

Out on VOD on March 15, 2022, "The Race To Save The World" is an inspiring and energizing call-to-action to quit waiting on the sidelines and make our voices heard. More:
Joe Gantz is the Emmy-winning producer of "American Winter" and "Ending Disease," and filmmaker of the Emmy Award-winning HBO documentary series, “Taxicab Confessions.”
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Margot Carrera Fine Art Photography & Design
I believe in peaceful demonstrations but not civil disobedience. That being said, I also understand that we have been asking the leaders of all nations to take better care of the earth and warning of about planetary changes taking place due to the clearing of the forests, toxic chemicals being used on our crops, oil and chemical spillage into our waterway, and carbons emitted into our airways. Yet, little was being done to change this. Now it has all built up to a point where our own species, the human species are at danger to becoming extinct and we can't wait until 2035, or 2050 to make the changes, we have to act now to clean up our mess and restore the planet back to her pristine nature. So I can understand why these people had given up on trying to wake up these leaders and resorted to civil disobedience to get them to take action for the greater good of the planet and our species. Not for industry or greed.