Message from a Virus

Many devastating events, once sat with, and experienced are like a double edged sword.   It comes with pain and suffering like my bout with breast cancer in 2001 and 2016.  First there is fear which comes in waves. Then there is the discomfort of the treatments which almost killed me in 2001.  Then there is a time of convalescence where we lie quietly and come to terms with our disease.  If you take advantage of this time, you can come to a greater understanding of why you? Why now? and how can you heal.  This comes when you can stop blaming others, stop blaming yourselves, and look at cancer, or any disease as a wake up call and a gift.  For me, the first go around had to do with being a healer to others and filling others cups with my energy but not filling mine.  I learned that you have to "have, in order to give."  What that meant for me was that I was so busy filling other peoples cup that I was running out of energy for my very existence.  I was so busy giving that I forgot to receive, to fill up, and in the process, I was about to loose myself.  How many parents , service oriented professionals, teachers, and healers can relate.  Cancer kicked my butt, sat me down in time out, and began to teach me lessons.  I learned many more than just one.  I grew spiritually and became empowered in my life.  I became a better person and a better healer.  

So now , here we are, hunkered down in our homes.  Not one of us has been kicked in the butt by a virus, but every single one of us are affected in some way.  Why us? Why Now?  I asked in meditation and the answers started to flow.  Here are some.  

We sit at the precipice of extinction.  We need a time out to take a look in a global way, just as cancer made me take a look at where my actions ware leading me.  Humanity is being asked to take a look at what we are doing to our planet, our source for life.  We are polluting the air, our source for breath. Breath is life moving through us.  We are polluting our waters.  Our bodies are made up of 60% water.  We are putting harmful chemicals on our fruits, grains, and vegetables and it's poisoning not only the butterflies, birds, and the bees, it is poisoning the humans like me. We do it in the name of efficiency and ultimately greed.  The animals are dying in record numbers, the planet is warming, what more do we need to stop and take pause to really see, really see what we are doing to ourselves and others. 

A global epidemic.  This virus is telling us that we are next, unless we stop and drastically change our lives, our values, and our actions. 

​We will know that change is working when the animal populations start to come back.  When the weather begins to calm.  When we see that we are all in this together and our solution must be global.  Humans working together to heal humanity.  You see from this event that we are not that different from one another after all.  We are one humanity and we can heal.  Just as I healed in 2001. 

So when you are home, hunkering down, ask the bigger questions and I am sure , just like me, you will get the bigger answers. 

In love and gratitude for life,
Margot Carrera