Wolves are being slaughtered Make a difference

Photo by Steve Jurvetson

The previous administration removed the Endanger Species Act.  The result for the Wolves have been devastating. In the past nine months the wolf population has taken a great hit.  In Wisconsin alone, a wolf hunt took 216 grey wolves in 60 hours. 

Idaho and Montana, allowed the killing of up 90 percent of this species, even though biologist warn against this.  These animals keep the ecosystem in balance.  When Yellowstone began to restore the wolf population to the park, the ecosystem in the park began to thrive.  All creatures have a purpose on the planet.  You remove them and you will see an imbalance.  Look what is happening with the honeybees.  Crops are not being able to be pollinated and therefore are less productive.  In my own backyard, I planted Zucchini and because there are no bees in my area, none of my plants produced. 

I recommend that hunters take up a new hobby, Photography.  Then they can shoot pictures not animals. If you agree with me, go to Environment California https://environmentcalifornia.org/  To learn more and take action. Another source on this matter is: https://www.endangered.org/

Take a moment and take a stand.  If it is not up to us to make a difference, who is it up to?