YOU HAVE A CHOICE, We are one planet, One Human Race

Fear on the planet is at an all time high. 

To manage that fear, Light has been pouring into the planet for the past few days.

I woke up two nights ago and it looked liked it was daylight outside.  So much light was pouring in.  It's up to you, what you do with this light. It can provide us with an opportunity to grow and evolve.  It comes down to Choice.  You can let this light move through you and help to heal your experiences or you can hang onto the discomfort of fear, pain, and anger that you are holding onto.  Or, you can choose to move these feelings out of your bodies and make room for that light to shine in your life. Here I will share a technique to help you release the hatred which stems from fear and then to let go of the fear and overwhelm so you can return to your wisdom. Then from the place of wisdom, not fear, or anger, you that take action in your own life and feel better about the world you live in. You may not be able to change the whole world, but you can help by changing yourself.  Each person who changes themselves will make the world a better place . Let's start with something we can do to feel better.

I was meditating and this guided meditation came through to me.

Moving out Anger and Hatred

For those who feel anger so strongly that they actual feel hatred for another, I'm told that you start from here.

It doesn't feel good to hold so much anger in your body, that is why you want to act out but this does not make this

bad feelings go away.  It only complicates your life.  Hatred is an energy that you hold in your body and you can release

what your feeling in the moment with your breath and a prayer or intention. 

Sit in a quiet spot, know that you are safe to let this energy go.  Know that it can be lifted from you and released.

close your eyes and be present with your body.  This is wear you are holding the hatred.  Your intent here is to breath out the energy of Hatred and breath in "It will be OK". If your mind goes into story, let the stories simply pass you by as they leave with the breath.  Do not get caught up in the story.  Let them float away with the breath.  Do this until you feel more at peace.  You can ask your higher power to help do this lifting with you.  This can be your higher self, The creator of all that is, what ever your belief.  If you have no belief then believe in yourself because you are part of all that is.  You are powerful enough to move out hatred, pain, and suffering. Keep breathing in the intent for being OK and breathing out the hatred. Things will be ok. You will be able to work things out without causing more trauma to yourself or others. Breath out hatred, breath in things will be OK until you have a sense that this is so. You will feel lighter and more at peace. 

Under the Hatred you may feel Anger, Breath out Anger

You do the same breathing technique as you did with Hatred but this time the energy is Anger.  Anger doesn't feel good in your body. It's better to let it go and make space for other emotions that feels better.  You may feel like acting out and taking your anger out on others. but it's temporary and can have very negative consequences in your life.  So again, It's important to sit down with your own anger and set intent to release it with your breath and let it go for good.  For your greater good.  This allows you to let go of the anger that you have held inside, permanently.  Again, making room in your body to heal and feel better.

Sit quietly with your eyes closed and set your intention to let the anger go.  Breath in "I am safe" and Breath out Anger. Do this until you feel the tension of the Anger leave.  You may want to cry, yell, or again listen to stories of why you should be angry, let all this float away with your breath.  This does not disregard the Why you are angry, it just lets the anger go so you can return to a more peaceful self and feel better.  It opens up room for you to feel good again.  It can open up room to see more clearly, where to go from here.

The feeling under Anger is Fear,  Let Go of the Fear

Fear lies at the bottom of all this and our world right now is experiencing a height in Fear.  If we as a humanity can let these fears go and trust that everything will be done for our greatest good, we can not only let the fear go, we can turn the things that we fear the most around and for the greater good of all.

Here again you sit quietly with the energy of fear that is coming up for you.  Again, you notice that it doesn't feel good holding this in your body so you start to breath it out.  Stories will come as to why you should be afraid, let them go out with your breath. Breath in "Trust that all will occur for the greater good of all"  I just use the word "Trust" knowing what that means.  Breath in Trust and Breath out Fear.  Do this until a sense of calm comes over you.  Then just sit in that calm and know that all is well.  Sit silently and enjoy the quiet and the calm.  Your thoughts may come back to you but they will be wisdom and affirming that all is working for your greater good and you do not have to live in fear.  We have many fears right now so this process can be done each time your mind turns to fear.  If you do this you will find yourself much more calm and more at peace.  You will find it easier to make good choices with your life.  You will find you.